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Everyone should have a coaching style that reflects his/her own strengths. If you are new to coaching, you’ll need a little time to develop your style.  Just think about what feels right to you, what you feel most comfortable with, and listen to your instincts. 

That said, as a BGCRE Softball Coach there are several fundamental elements you must incorporate into your coaching style on and off the field.

  • Maintain a Safe Environment – Above all else, keep the kids (and you) safe!

  • Keep It Simple – Teaching softball skills can get complicated and even tedious if you aren’t careful. Remember your audience.

  • Provide Leadership – Your kids and their parents look to you for instruction and direction.  Take charge and show the way.

  • Nurture a Sense of Team – Nothing is more empowering than the support of a good team.  Create that support among your kids.

  • Promote Sportsmanship – Exemplify respect toward the other team during games, and your kids will follow.  A lot of high-fives will help.

  • Encourage Parent Involvement – You need help, and parents want to feel involved and supportive, so bring the two together.

  • Focus on Developing Skills – Remember your Player Skills and Coaching Check List … and get checkin’!

  • Keep Things Moving – Practice can get boring for young kids unless they remain engaged. Encourage hustle and quickness, and give your kids lots of repetitions.

  • Teach Both Teams – During games, look out for all the kids on the field.

  • Be On Time and Be Prepared – In fact, as much as possible, be early.

And the common COACH acronym is always good to remember:

  • CComprehension – Again, remember your audience and keep it simple.

  • OOutlook – Stay positive and forward-looking.

  • AAffection – Let your kids (and their parents) know that you care.

  • CCharacter – Winning isn’t everything. The TEAM is everything.

  • HHumor – Laugh and smile. If you’re having fun, so will everyone else.

Lastly, be sure to maintain your dignity as a BGCRE Softball volunteer. There will be times when the behavior of a child or parent or another coach will annoy or frustrate you. When this happens, we expect you to handle the situation in a professional manner.  However, we don’t expect you to be a punching bag. In rare occasions when someone crosses the line, please contact the BGCRE Softball organizing committee and let us help you handle and resolve the situation.