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We can’t hope to achieve all the great things that softball can do for our Redding-Easton Softball Families if we don’t have dedicated coaches leading the way. That’s why we invest as much as we can in training and support for all of our volunteer RESB Coaches, to make sure they have the resources needed to be the best coaches they can be.

Each year, all RESB Head Coaches are required to attend two coaching workshops:

The first focuses on how to create and maintain a character-building environment for all players. Conducted by the Positive Coaching Alliance, this Double-Goal Coach workshop teaches coaches in any sport how to "pursue winning, while more importantly, teaching life lessons through the game."

The second is a clinic conducted by professional softball instructors who help our coaches teach softball skills with an emphasis on leading productive softball practices for all age groups.

Our affiliation with Little League ensures that RESB Coaches have access to a wealth of information and guidance online and at clinics partially funded by Little League partners and conducted by Little League contributors, including two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and Softball Hall of Famer Michele Smith.

The Little League Coach Resource Center (www.littleleaguecoach.org) provides a free, comprehensive selection of approved instructional videos and presentations that give coaches tools to run effective practices and teach the softball skills our girls need to improve and excel.

We also conduct pre-season and in-season pitching clinics with professional instruction for Minors and Majors players, which assist RESB Coaches in teaching the technical skills needed for our girls to develop proper pitching form.

We ask a lot of our RESB Coaches, but our primary expectation is for our girls to have fun playing softball. Lots of fun! We want their time on the field to be the highlight of their week, and we want Redding-Easton Softball to be something our girls and their parents remember as a fun, positive experience for years to come.

If our RESB Coaches can do their part to make that happen, they will be doing all that we ask, and we hope you appreciate the time and energy they dedicate to our daughters in Redding-Easton Softball.

If you have any questions about our RESB Coaching Program, please contact us via email at , or call the Redding Boys & Girls Club at 203-938-3166.